25 Sep 2007


Cleaning lady is coming tomorrow, so now we all run around like chickens with our heads cut off, trying to clean the house so the cleaning lady can come!! Folding clothes, picking up clothes, doing laundry, washing dishes, drying dishes, sweeping the floor, yipping at each other (not necessarily in that order) DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE AT ALL??!!!??!!

When we are done all that, I wonder why she has to come at all, but the wonderful smell of my house and the clean floors and the dusted furniture makes every other week worth the effort!!

It has been so d*#@*ed hot around here lately, you would never know it was fall. I think the weather guy said it was 89 degrees today..I mean REALLY!!
Just got back from supper with my daughter and her little boy who is going to have his 1st birthday soon!! So exciting!! Maybe we can have a bar-b-que in this heat!!

Well, speaking of bar-b-que's (what a segway!) take a look at grillafella! It is horrible picture, I will try to take a better one. I get so excited about blogging them that I take the darn pictures at night and then they turn out so crappy and then I insist to myself to "blog them anyway"!!

Anywhoooo, I stamped this Stamping Bella guy with versafine onyx black instant dry pigment ink ---oh man, there has to be an easier way to say that!! - on white cardstock, then tombowed him (made up that word) with my oh-so-cool-oh Tombow markers and doodled around the edge. I glued him with my Tombow mono glue onto DCWV mat stacks then popped him up on my card which is red checkerboard - isn't that cute!! just like a picnic! and stripedpaper --I have to find out what that paper is and then change my blog. I stamped on "It's Your Day" and made a tag and I popped on some American crafts element ribbon with a popdot and there we go! so simple!! and fun!!

Went to math class today with daughter #2 (only #2 in order, not in my heart - but you already knew that) so that makes me want to do a school card. Maybe with Teachabella!!

I NEVER get tired of my bellas!!! LUCKY ME!!!

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