13 Oct 2007

Freakin' Crazy Chicken!!

**Edited--- I am very sorry about this post and it just being one huge paragraph! I can't figure out how to put in spaces!!. I have been editing it for the last 20 minutes and entering spaces but they never show up after publishing ....stupid blog.....** okay, of course this time it did it and I had paragraphs from here to kingdom come!!!!

Well, it had to happen....I was going to have a chicken card in here somewhere!

Yes, I am an egg gatherer, and somedays I feel just like this frazzled little thing.......only because I seem to get behind on so much.....I blame the stamping.

Does time just get away from you when you stamp or what!?? Things pile up and I feel......well - FREAKING CRAZY!!

This frazzled chicken is called "Feathers MacGee" and he is from "eat cake graphics".

I stamped him in black and colored with my tombows. I wanted him to be colored white ( white is apparently not a color- but I am saying that anyway...) since our hens are white, so I just took a very pale blue marker and traced around the inside lines of the chicken and it sort of brings out the white.

Well, with this sick picture it doesn't do it justice, but that little trick does work.

I am the professional so just believe me ;p, *wink* *wink* LOL!

I stamped the small oval from A Muse Artstamps so he was at least standing (or perched!) on something!

I backed "Feathers" on cardstock and then popped him up on the background which is Cosmo Cricket on the right and cardstock that was run through the Cuttlebug on the left.

The Cuttlebug strip of paper has also been stamped over with versamark and embossed with Puff Powder (which I detest, but I grabbed it instead of my clear embossing powder) and it didn't turn out too bad (she said RELUCTANTLY!!)

The bad habits stamps is from River City Rubber Works and instead of just mounting it on the card I decided that since "Feathers MacGee" is a little frazzled, that I would just kind of hang it there with a ribbon ! Just a little different look, I guess. Then it is finished off with brads on each of the corners to give it some balance (hee hee - but not the chicken LOL!!)

Shoot....have to run, I am late for the Stampin' Up demostration!!

Okay I saved this and now I am back from the Stampin' Up Demonstration. It turned out that it was actually a Stamp Camp - these demonstrators 1st ever - and it was a blast!!!!!

I have never been to a demo before and we made so many different little cards and big cards and Hallowe'en decorations - so cool!

I won a prize which was a large stamp pad, a small stamp pad and a sweet little birdie stamp!!

And everywhere I went there were bowls and bowls of jelly beans and ju jubes and butterscotch candies and chocolates!! Arrrgghhh!
I am going to post pictures of all the stuff I got tomorrow....oh not tomorrow probably --I have another thing to go to. Well, I will post it all at a later date as they say. There were a lot of goodies!

I just lost 30 lbs over the summer so that was a hoot trying to avoid those little devils! Well, I couldn't and yes, I caved....they were so pretty!

Anyway, tomorrow is the Canada's Scrapbooking for Kids day that I am volunteering in so I am quite excited about that! I have to be there at 7:00 a.m. - it is an hour's drive so I'll need to get up at 5:00 a.m. so off to BED and sleep!!


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  1. I'm coming over from a Spot of T. I love the way you explain your cards. You give them such personality!


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