14 Oct 2007

My Stampin' Up Goodies!

Okay this is just a disclaimer - I am not now nor ever have I been a Stampin' Up demonstrator (or will I ever be a demonstrator if my hubby has anything to say about it....LOL!!) and I am in no way even affiliated with Stampin' Up except to say that I went to a demonstration yesterday and got a lot of goodies - oh yeah, and learned a bit too.....

I mean look at the cute little Hallowe'en clippie thing that we made- anyone could do that, but it is just to think up the idea in the first place!!

You Stampin' Up people will be laughing at me but I was impressed!!

Then we did two little note cards and thank goodness everything was cut up and there were display cards available to go by. Three more little cards that we had to design ourselves - boo! - I needed more time than I had!! The Autumn cards were the "coup de something" I dunno, but anyway, so easy, and so beautiful. Now who do I ever send an Autumn card to?! I guess anyone - my mom - she will be impressed!!

I won the green stamp pad - green galore to be exact - and the little birdie stamp

and the little black ink pad also.

Very cool!

If you get a chance to go to one you should go because it was fun and soooooo much candy laying around - you will notice one little butterscotch candie with my stuff- however I think there may have been more candies and chocolates and jujubes too ........not.......sure......
How cute is that little stamp!!

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