16 Nov 2007

It's a Wordsworth/Rubber Soul Christmas!

It is another Wordsworth card and I love this stamp...these stick people are so cool and easy going!

*Edited to add - Rubber Soul and Wordsworth apparently are made by the same company - and I see on the Paper Pretties site that this particular stamp is categorized under Rubber Soul stamps. My stamp says Wordsworth on the wood so I went on right to the Rubber Soul site itself and voila! Wordsworth/Rubber Soul - we are both right!

Oh my goodness, before I had that sentence typed up, blogger had downloaded my picture! FAST SERVICE ! Woo hoo...that is a first. Usually I am done typing my post before the picture downloads. Blogger must love Wordsworth too....{wink}!

This card was so simple really, stamp the image, colour it, layer it up and pop it out on your back ground. My background paper is cardstock and the patterned paper is from Arctic Frog.

Last year's stock that I found BURIED in a pile! Funny how THAT happens isn't it?

I added some wal-mart ribbon and a few little baubles I found in my scrapping drawer, pulled off of something most likely.

However, the cool thing is......I went over to watch my little grandson yesterday and Marcie said to me,

"Guess what I got in the mail today?"

I stared at her and said hesitantly "Whaaat?"

"My copics"

I shrieked!!

Me, who has always said, I could care less if I have copics, I have prismacolor pencils, I have Tombows, blah, blah, blah - that ALL went out the window when I saw those crazy copics. - THEN she most generously entrusted them to me while she went to work!

Oh my goodness, I used them for this card and the blending is fabulous (if I do say so)

They do work so nicely.......{sigh}

She got them from the My Favorite Things website. I MAY have to peruse the site myself.

Well, hubby took me out for lunch and I may just do that for him supper because I really don't feel like cooking up anything except maybe another Christmas card!!


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  1. What a cute stamp and I love what you did with it!


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