22 Jan 2008

Snowbunnybella is HERE!!

My Snowbunnybella arrived today from Paper Pretties!! YAY!!

I have been expecting her so I was VERY pleased when she showed up.....I had a whine on BIG time......which usually happens right before I get my parcel!!

Paper Pretties had a few glitches this month, with paper being backordered and Christmas postal season...anyway, she is here now......and isn't she darling!!

I followed the directions that were included and only had to sneak a peek at the actual picture on their website once.

Everything on this card is included in the card-in-a-box except the pop-up glue dots, the puff up stuff and the sentiment......which is great because then you can add what ever sentiment you want!! Well, I guess you could anyway but you know what I mean!

All the paper and cardstock is cut up for you so there is absolutely no measuring of paper and the instructions are so easy to follow......and if you get lost or confused.....just check the site and there is always a picture of the Bella of the month card on the site!!

I haven't looked since I finished the card but I imagine it is pretty close. And anyway, there is enough supplies for five more cards so I can change it however I want, and make her my own way---but why would you want to - she is so freakin' CUTE!!

I had some time tonight, since Jake went to bed and I actually wasn't dead tired!! I am including another picture of him - sorry to bore you - but he is too cute not to share!

This picture is of him peeking outside at the dogs playing. He didn't want to step on the register grate!!

We have another dog besides our Schnauzer and she is a Border Collie mixed with every other kind of dog on earth. Her name is Queenie and she is SUCH a little lady!

She treats Jake with so much respect. Ron says she is just steering clear of him......could be true......

I am SOOOO glad I was able to stamp is just a breath of fresh air to go down there and shut the door!



  1. Gorgeous card ,love the stamp ,xx
    your boy is so cute ,bless him ,Dawnxx

  2. Keep the photos coming . . . they're not boring at all! He's adorable!

    This Bella card is fantastic! WOW! She's gorgeous!

  3. Cute photos, lady! The card is gorgeous too. Love it!

  4. Cute card! I just love this bella. Your little grandson is adorable! No wonder you don't want to steal away to your craft room with him around.

  5. Awwww! What a cute, tiny person!! He is adorable! LOVE the photo of Jake and the dog looking out the window! Really nice job on Snowbunny Bella too! : ) Mailed your images today!

  6. Snowbunnybella is so cute! Great job on the card. And your grandson is adorable!


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