1 Mar 2008

I Hab a Code......

My nose is stuffy and I am sniffly.......yuck.....

So for today's inspiration challenge , that you can see here, I thought I would do the box of Tissue from Lockhart Stamp Company that I bought through Ellen Hutson's store.

This is a quick and very easy card!! Thank goodness, I don't feel like doing much else.....*whining here*

I stamped the image on Papertrey white cardstock and cut it out and embossed it with the nestabilities circle. It is kind of hard to see the embossing in this picture but it is there. Embossing just makes the image pop out a bit and really centers on it! I love doing it - when I remember!!

I coloured it a bit with my copics and traced it with the coolest light gray there is.....or that I have anyway. Then I took the same gray and traced around the tissue to make it look white.

I tied a piece of ribbon, that I got in a HUMUNGOUS box of ribbon from Costco, around the kraft paper from Stamping Up and adhered it onto the white card base.

Then I took my ziggy black pen and did some faux stitching around the kraft paper to match the tissue box!

The sentiment inside the card is also a Lockhart Stamp and it says "sneezie, wheezie, queezie"!! How cute is that??!!!


  1. Ahchoo! Feel better soon! I know I'd feel better if someone sent me a beautiful card like the one you have made- pretty cool!

  2. Your cards adorable! I hope you get to feeling better. Seems like it's going around. Wishing you rest and a quick recovery! -Samantha

  3. Very cute card! I'm sorry you have gotten the bug! I hope you feel better soon! (Go look at your Get Well Card, maybe it will help!)

  4. Awww, cute card! I hope you feel better soon.

  5. This is a cute card, love that box of tissues, how cute is that

    I have tagged you if you fancy playing xx all the deets are on my blog

  6. Hope your feeling better, Bonnie!
    Both my DH and DS are home sick today! It seems to be going around!
    What a cheerful card! It's perfect!


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