25 Jun 2008

News!! News!!

My "Just Bee-Cause" Blog Candy is still up for grabs.....I am not picking the winner until Thursday night, so check it out and leave me a comment about a bee story.....some of them are priceless!!

Now, onto to other exciting news!!

Oh my goodness! How fortunate am I??!!

I received an e-mail on Monday night from Suzy at Embellish-It Online and I was one of the lucky girls chosen to be on their Design Team!!

So jog on over and check out this magnificent site full of tons of great "stuff"!!

Check out the wonderfully talented ladies on this team that I am so genuinely humbled to be working with!

Naturally, you won't see my picture up with the other members of the DT because I have a stupid computer and it won't let me upload my picture yet.....argggghhghghg!!

I have a guy coming in tomorrow to look at my computer so keeping my fingers crossed!


  1. Congrats on being chosen to be on the design team! Of course, anyone who has seen your work is not surprised you were picked.

  2. congratulations, that is wonderful

  3. Congrats!! They made a wise choice!!

  4. Congrats! You totally deserve it!


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