10 Aug 2008

Featured Stamper - Blondie aka Kim

Another great gallery by another great Featured Stamper!!

Today's stamper is Blondie090277 and this is her gallery and this is the card I chose to case!

It is a calendar!! and while her calendar is an actual calendar for July, mine is a Jennie Bowlin any year calendar for the month of August- I guess it is a generic calendar!!

I changed the month - obviously, the designer paper and therefore the colour palette.

The designer paper is also Jenni Bowlin paper - a 4 x 4 mini sheet which is the same design as her 12 x 12 but scaled down for card makers - how cool is that! Some people are ALWAYS thinking!!

I glued the 4 x 4 paper to a coaster and since it was the same size there was barely any trimming or sanding - so nice!

I glued the calender on and then added a couple of buttons and a flower and some ribbon.

There is also a clear pebble marking August 30. That is my son's birthday - and although this calendar is kind of a pretty thing for a guy - it is going up on my fridge anywhoooooo (there is a magnet on the back!!)

He will say "That's nice mom" - sort of the same way he says it when I ask him a bazillion times a day if he likes this card or that card, "That's nice mom"!!

Nice boy that guy and I love him......any suggestions for a present for a 23 year old who still lives at home with no desire to move out?? Oh ya, no job either, so no wonder he's not moving out!!

He has been gathering the eggs for me while my stupid back decides what to do - it likes to go out once in awhile - not on a date type of out - just ouch-y out.........and he has just kind of started to have the desire to farm - poor ya never know with kids.....!!!

Enough babbling......that's my creation for today!!


  1. Hi Bonnie!!! Love your calendar, but I just had to tell you -- too many similarities here!! I, too, am a farm wife (dairy), my DH's birthday is August 30, and my son, 21, will be coming home from college in December to farm (he's here now for summer, but done in Dec.) So, how's that for similarities -- LOL!!!

  2. My oldest son's b-day is August 30th!! He will be 28. Although he does have his own place to live, he is here at our house ALL of the time. I told him it is about time he found someone to settle down with...he just ignores me! As for the gift to give a 23 year old money always works, a gift certificate, fill up his vehicle with gas (!), a new movie. Those are just a few ideas. Good Luck and I really do like your card.

  3. Love the calendar !! Im in the process of trying to make one ....Its going OK ..but mine wont be this nice!!! Great job !!


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