16 Oct 2008

Winter Door Hangers!!

Well, first of all I would like to thank all of you for the comments on my legs!! I wish I had of known how great they were back in the awkward (could you tell??!) days of being a pre-teen! LOL!

Here is something not so awkward - how's that for a segway??

Cornish Heritage Farms on-line class on Tuesday was a tutorial on making a door hanger. These are just great little ideas to get you on your "jump-start" into Christmas!! These girls have fabulous ideas!!

Using Prism paper and Scrapblock Layers Paperpack

we assembled our door hangers, and here is mine! - almost precisely like Val's - just decorated a bit different.

I love my snowflake and button idea! Well, I can't really claim it because I have seen it around the blog world - but I have never used it before - and I love it!!

Now, here is a question - I know there are blog rules - to give credit where credit is due - and I most certainly try to do that, but what happens when you truly think that an idea was yours and then you see someone else with the same idea. Well, crap.......that's is usually what I think when that happens!!!

And with card layouts - there are certainly only so many layouts around! What is your layout is the same as someone else's and you don't give credit because you thought you did it on your own???!!

I really am baffled by this and hope that you can give me some answers or at the very least a smack on the side of the head..... "QUIT wallowing in your self pity and just do what you do!!!" LOL!

Stamps: Cornish Heritage Farms Heart Warmers
Paper: Scrapblock Layers Paper Pack CHF, Prism cardstock
Ink: Versafine Vintage Sepia, white gel pen, copics
Accessories: twine, stickles, Autumn Leaves buttons, PTI ribbon, Heidi Swapp ghost shapes


  1. Okay, these are adorable! Love that egg shaped snowman!

    And I feel your pain sista...I have had that happen too. You think you did something original only to see it like the same day on someone else's blog or on SCS. I always feel like people think I cased it. But, with all the wonderful artists in blogland and on SCS there isn't too much that is completely original and never done before, so it has to happen to us at some point, right?

    Don't fret it and have a great day!

    p.s. "oh crap" is pretty much the words that comes to mind for me too!

  2. Bonnie...these are super...some of your funnest ever!

  3. OMG! they're adorable :)
    i think they'll be perfect for my door...hehehe.

  4. What darling door hangers! I love them! I agree with dpkennedy! It's bound to happen sometime!

  5. These are so cool! I even have some door hangers laying around here just doing nothing! Thanks for the ideas and inspiration...

  6. Cool!!!! I love 'em,you are so awesome Bonnie!!!
    Lol,you made me laugh with your comment you left me!!!

  7. SO cute! I love the snowmen and the clear snowflake with the button--adorable! :D

  8. Bonnie, these are ADORABLE! I'll have to CASE this! Not to worry though, I'll for sure give you's too good not to pass your cuteness onto others!
    LOL I never know about layouts...not sure if you noticed but I don't venture too far from simple layouts, well unless it's a sketch. I mostly pull out old SCS sketches when I have a mental block but to be honest, I don't usually specify which sketch number in my posts.

  9. Adorable door hangers and point well taken with regard to your originality versus you thought it was for a minute! No worries you know for sure! Love your creations! Deb

  10. Super duper cute and I just love this CHF set-- I think nearly every layout that COULD be done, probably has been done-- so if you aren't using a challenge and come up with it on your own-- than you get the credit by golly!! :)

  11. Love these, Bonnie! I love anything snowman! These are truly adorable! Great job, as always!

  12. These are adorable Bonnie!!!

  13. your door hangs are wonderful Bonnie!!!


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