27 Feb 2009

No hydro.....bah!

We have been out of hydro all day until right now - 6:00 pm.

It is amazing how dependant you get on hydro. I took a flashlight downstairs so I could see to bring up my copics so I could colour some stamped images. I walk into my stamping room and switched on the light - well tried to - even with the flashlight in my hand.......duh.....

Then of course, after groping around in the semi-dark - even a flashlight is not enough in my disorganized chaos - I walk out of the room with my stuff and turn off the light switch.

We are pretty fortunate since we heat with a gas fireplace and cook with gas we can still be warm and I can still cook (dang).

We had leftovers for lunch from our prime rib supper last night (it was fabulous!) and I put mine in the microwave and couldn't figure out why the buttons weren't working. My son and hubby just sat and laughed at me until I figured it out......duh.....again......

The hydro is finally back on but it is a little dark to take pictures and I am not that good at working so far ahead, so I am not posting anything until tomorrow.

Hope you had a nice day......


  1. Great card in the previous post. I love the color combinations. The pink pearls are a great finishing touch.

    Glad your power is back on. We lost ours a few weeks ago for most of a day and into the night. We got stuck with pizza from a place that still had power but would much rather have had your leftovers!:)

  2. You know I can totally relate to flipping switches even though you know they don't work. I've done that before.

    Sorry you were without power today but very glad that you got it back on. Can't wait to see what you created.


  3. No worries, Bonnie. I still turn over a piece of solid cardstock to run my adhesive on the back... as if it matters which side gets the tape. Duh! Old habits are hard to break. LOL

  4. Isn't that funny how well ingrained habits are! I do they same thing with the electricity is off! I turn on light switches try to get the fan running, try to turn on the TV it is crazy! Glad to hear you have it back though!



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