14 Aug 2010

Waltzingmouse Sketch Challenge!

and I dislike this card.....

Do you ever make a card and think - Whaaaat was I thinking? or Was I thinking? - this is one of those cards - I even started early to make this card so that I wouldn't be excuses it is  a stinker!
Smiley from

But I am showing you anyway just so you know that even designers botch it up occasionally!

Actually, the colours are not this far off in real life....and this is the card that I made and it will have to do!

If you would like to follow the sketch challenge, you can find the details on the WMS sketch challenge blog!


  1. We are our own worst critics Bonnie! I love all the circle framings and pretty colors on this!

  2. I actually think it's quite pretty, Bonnie, though I TOTALLY relate to what you're saying about stinkers! I've posted some totally awful things & then wondered even more what possessed me to post them when I know fully well they stink?!!! LOL! Oh well--sometimes we just seem to spend hours and it just doesn't quite work -- guess that's just life!

  3. I love this card, I wish my 'bad' cards were this GOOD!!

  4. Very Pretty Bonnie.. I love all the different textures.. Script, embossing, and then my fav gingham!!

  5. Bonnie, your card is very pretty! You are way too hard on yourself!

  6. This is such a pretty card! I love the inked embossing! Lovely job with the sketch!


  7. Bonnie, this is great! I love the colors, and patterns and texture! I think its fabulous!

  8. Well, I think this card is very pretty, and I don't know what you think is "stinky" about it!!

  9. bonnie - why is this a stinker? i see the sketch influences in your card, and your colors are just wonderful. you are way too hard on yourself and this card has been an inspiration to me. just send all your stinkers my way - i will love them ;)


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