9 Jun 2016

Happy June Birthday!

Hey there everyone - I wanted to post this card yesterday but we had a wee bit of drama in our home.

In the morning I was talking to my daughter - Marcie - on my cell phone and I said I would go and check to see if the mail was here yet.  I hung up and walked out of my craft room (in the basement) and a bat was there --- fluttering around on the floor Right. By. My. LEG!!  I screamed. I cried. I definitely ran...... up the basement stairs to the garage.  I swear my legs were out the door before I was.   BIG ugh. I had to go back in the house to the upstairs and grab the phone to call Marcie back and when I was upstairs - what would you know - that dang bat flew upstairs to the kitchen right where I was standing.   ......and I began the screaming and running process all over again.  Poor Marcie came tearing over to see if I was being beaten/robbed/whatever.  I was outside scream-crying.  It seems funny now - but oh my goodness, I am terrified to go back downstairs.

Anyway - here is the card that I wanted to post - It was my other daughter Holly's birthday on Tuesday, so using the Make It Monday technique that Dawn McVey had shown LAST week -
Gradient Watercolor Diecuts, I put together a bright and cheery birthday card.

I used my Zig markers for the background and then die cut with the Mighty Oak Die Collection - using the watercolour pieces for my focal image.

I white embossed the sentiment from the $5 set Birthday Classics: June Mini Stamp Set onto vellum and hid the glue dot under pretty colourful buttons.

My Harvest Gold card base was a perfect companion to finish it off!  Happy Birthday to Holly! - and goodbye ugly little bat in bat heaven!  UGH!


  1. Oh Bonnie I am still laughing at the bat incident! Oh my goodness the terror. I am glad to know that EMS Marcie was on the job! Your card is so gorgeous and I still need to try her technique out. Happy birthday to Holly!

  2. I would have freaked out too. Yikes! Love the smooth blending you got with your water colouring. It looks lovely!

  3. Beautiful Card! Love the colors. Ooh - bats - Years ago I had one hanging in my garage that I noticed as I was getting into the car. Immediately got in the car backed out, then shut the garage door- DUMB - called the manager and maintenance came over with a broom and shoo'd him out. And I made it to my birthday lunch on time with a yucky story to share!


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