10 Dec 2007

"Can You Read Between the Loads" or "3 Sheets to the Wind"

Yes, this is the reason why I am not blogging today.......

So far I have done this much..........

and I still have this much more to do...... (yes, sadly those are my granny panties......)

Now, some of you may say "BIG DEAL!! I have 17 kids that I do laundry for", and I cheer you (and not the TIDE kind) I really do, but I only have 3 people that LIVE in this house....
where in the "H - E - double hockey sticks" does all that laundry come from!! *&%#%*%&*?? excuse me...

I suppose it could be that I didn't do any of it because I was "creating" for that stupid bazaar on Saturday!! AHA!! That was it!! We made $42.50..... It makes you just want to pack it in and say....phhhhth!

Anyway, discouragement is my rant (whine) today.....thanks for listening.....I need to go and put my head back in the washing machine!


  1. snort! ...for a minute there I thought that was a picture of *my* laundry room! I have 2 adults and 2 little ones....and it constantly amazes me how I can go from *caught up* to *bowled over*!
    Have fun....and if you do stick your head in the washer...hold your breath!

  2. I can feel your pain. Our washer ran from 9AM on Sunday morning when I got home from church until about 7:30 that night. It is amazing how many dirty clothes two adults and a six year old can accumulate. I'd hold off putting your head in the washer; didn't you just get your hair done? I'd hate to think what Tide would do you your new color.

    Hang in there!

    Lori SBS2

  3. Your cracking me up with your laundry! I hate it almost as much as I hate vacuuming....Id rather just buy new stuff every week. DH is not buying it though!

  4. I am convinced that dirty laundry procreates. It sneaks of into a corner and.... That's why they call it DIRTY laundry--and why it keeps multiplying! Hope you can stop it, ;0) Mel


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