23 Jan 2008

Happy Birthday Mr. Dinosaur!!

Heavy on the Mister!! He's got BIG teeth!

I don't have any cards for little people's birthdays, and with Jake toddling around this week, it got me thinking that I should get doing some little people cards!!

My Favorite Things has this neat-o set of stamps that can be used for little kids and so I did up a birthday card!

It is fairly (wowsers!) bright! so I think it would appeal to a little guy or gal! I made it unisex so I will be able to grab it at the last minute - I am not a think or work ahead kind of gal!

The flowers are Prima and Phebe at The Town Scrapper in Petrolia threw them in our bags, when we bought stuff there! How sweet is she!!

The plaid and retro paper is daisy d's sidewalk chalk swatches and they are so cool! They come in a acrylic sleeve and are 6 x 6 pieces of bright paper in all sorts of cool patterns. I love it!

I bought it at Jacksonbelle Embellishments who, by the way, is having a 25% sale on right now. I don't know if it is on everything, but everything I looked at was on sale!!

I did some faux sewing around the card and the image and sparkled up his hat and the bow on his gift with my glitter pen!

I added flowers and balloons and he is ready for a party!!

Well, I was undressing Jake for his bath and it was bound to happen ---he peed on me today. Well, not really on me but at me - I was able to dodge it, but poor Rosie (our Schnauzer) ARE THEY NOT TOO SMART!??

She just stood there and watched it rain down on her paws......can you say DUH?! Jake giggled so much, I wondered if he did it on purpose! LOL!!!.....So then I had to bath Jake and the dog - not together mind you.....although it flashed through my mind and it might have been quicker.

It is too much fun!! True!



  1. Anonymous11:21

    Love your card, it's awesome! The colours are great and the layout is super. nd (Kimmie Reid's mom)

  2. Love, love the card! The bright colors are so fun! My favorite is the story though! I have 2 and 4 year old boys and it wasn't that long ago that they peed on me! Ha, love them!

  3. This is the cutest and funniest card I've seen! I love it!


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