23 Jan 2008

My Favorite Chocolate.....

I have always loved this stamp set from My Favorite Things, but was always hesitant to buy it because of the sentiment about sisters.

It's not a secret that my sister and I have a very tumultuous relationship, all her fault of course, unless you ask her and then......well you know.

We used to be quite close and then things happened.....and then we weren't, but I do miss the relationship we had at one time, so I broke down, had a weak moment and bought this stamp set -"How Sweet It Is".

I bought this beautiful yummy coral cardstock from Phebe at my LSS, The Town Scrapper . (okay, I admit I don't REALLY know what LSS means, but I THINK it means local scrapbook store). This coral colour is a theme in the next few cards I am making. I love it!!

The plaid paper is from Basic Grey Two Scoops that I bought from What We Found. They had fantastic prices so I "scooped" it up....LOL!!

I paper pieced the dress in the plaid paper also.....and not too difficult to cut out,considering her skinny arms. Chocolate and skinny. I can hardly say that without laughing hysterically!! I stickled the chocolates - even the big one in the corner -- yummy!! I wish it was real!

The ribbon is from Walmart.

I really like this set and despite it's historical significance -to me (LOL!), I WILL use it again!!


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