12 Feb 2008

Gina K called me!!

ETA: okay, after I published this I re-read it and it didn't make a lot of sense! I'm still too excited........
To clarify - I called Gina K Designs, left a message, and Gina called me back.....that makes more sense! I am calming down now...

Okay, so it wasn't about being a guest designer or anything.......

But how nice is that! I called the number to see if I could register for her Copic ciao club and Gina K herself called me!

And, naturally, of course, I was a blithering idiot.....actually, I don't think I said much of anything.

Just "me speaking" "yes, I did" "Oh! thank you!" "Nice talking to you""bye".......I'm a fool.

I came across cute, VERY new blog yesterday! it's called Card Makin' Chaos and it is run by the sweetest and cutest young woman!!!

She has fabulous cards and did I say she was cute? Actually, she is quite beautiful and I am told she looks ALOT like her mother!!

You guessed it, she is my daughter Marcie!! Go and check out her blog!!



  1. Hiya Bonnie,

    You sound kind of like me the first time I met Jeanne S and Jen Del Muro. Isn't funny how we get star struck?
    Your daughters blog is fantastic! I left her some comments. I hope she doesn't think I'm a big goof (even though I am). I see that she is as talented as her mom.

  2. Anonymous07:30

    bonnie everyday i check out your blog and everyday i enjoy what i see you do beautiful work but you are also so funny!!



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