19 Feb 2008

My Celebrity Look Alikes!!!?


I found this over on Betsy's Bit o' Heaven and I thought it would be fun!!

I would definitely agree that I look like Halle, Michelle, Angelina (although maybe not THAT picture!!LOL!) and Jennifer ---hahaha!!

But it is probably more like I am not sure why Donovan Bailey is there....but he is a Canadian (at least I think he is) so maybe that is why...!!

Edited to add: I forgot to tell you that Al Roker was also one of the celebrities, but I chose not to pick him.......ROTFL!!

If you want to try it click on the right bottom side where it says "want one too?" and then click on the left side of the page where it says collage!

Kind of fun!!

Math class for Holly today, so nothing too much got accomplished in the stamping department but I will be posting some things tomorrow!!


  1. This is too funny...what would Donovan be doing there?!?! I can see the resemblances to the ones you mentioned. Fun!

  2. Anonymous12:37

    liza for sure...donovan huge possibility.

  3. Interesting. What's with that photo of Angelina? Scary!


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