7 Mar 2008

Billybootabella's feeling it...!!

I don't know what -"feeling it" means but.....anyway, here she is!

I ordered bella's butter and teal inspiration a couple of weeks ago and it finally arrived!!

Stamping Bella is now mailing her orders UPS (brown van) so when I got my e-mail saying it was being shipped on Wednesday, I thought, hmmmmm okay maybe by next Tuesday. BUT it showed up yesterday!! YAY!!!!!

And I love it!! The inspiration package is loaded with already cut up cards, butter paper flowers and teal paper flowers, butter ribbon, teal ribbon, butter cardstock, teal cardstock and envelopes!! I am ALL about anything that cuts down on time!!

Oh my goodness, how could I forget - butter baubles and teal baubles - soooo pretty!

I also ordered the Bella's favourite colour combo in a bag which is all pink and green "stuff"! Mah-ve-lus!!

The sentiment is also from Stamping Bella along with a few others I went crazy over!!

Isn't she pur-dee!!??


  1. Such a gorgeous card, Bonnie! Great colors and coloring, great LO, great details! I'm feelin' it! LOL

  2. Lady, this is a super, super gorgeous card. Made me smile big!! Love it. Wow, UPS, huh? I got my first two bellas. Love them but oh so expensive! I want more though :D


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