25 Apr 2008

I can't even post today!

I can't even post the card I made today because hubby is hollering "WE GOTTA GO!!"

He has to go to Exeter and take in the 4-wheeler to get fixed - heaven forbid the 4-wheeler doesn't work!!

Anyway, he wants some company because it is about an hour and a half drive. So that is kind of sweet, I suppose (begrudgingly). (Could be worse, he might not want to take you anywhere with him --so chuck it up!!)

I've stamped some images to colour while I wait in the truck, while he yacks with the mechanics -worse than women, I swear!


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  1. How can he do that to us, Bonnie! Doesn't he no the importance of your stamping and how it affects us when there's no cards!!!! LOL

    At least it's not cutting into your stamping time since you brought it with you!

    Have fun and enjoy the day with hubby! We'll survive just one day but don't make us wait too long! Hee hee!


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