29 Aug 2008

Friday Challenge and more!!!

Today is Friday and that means another Friday Challenge at Embellish-It Scrapbooking!!

This weeks challenge Hostess is Michelle (one of my SBS2 sisters! - how cool is THAT!!?) and the challenge is Paper Folding! ----which is completely alien to me
!! unless you are talking about folding the card - and I can manage to do that the right way most of the time! LOL!!

Naturally, Michelle was a kill-joy and said that doesn't count.....pthththt!!

I opted out of this week's challenge - yes - I'm a bad la da hum...talking 'bout baaaaad girls!!!

Here it is right from the Hostess' mouth!!

"Incorporate paper folding in some way on your card....besides the card fold(s). Use the folding as an embellishment; try Tea Bag Folding, Iris Folding, Pleating or any form of paper folding (besides the card folds) on your card for a change of pace. I'd like to see it on a CARD.....and I look forward to seeing what you come up with!!"

Well, it sounds like fun so join in and let's see those folds!!

Use the keyword FC5 (Friday Challenge 5) when you upload your projects to the gallery. We want to all share in your creations!!

To view all the FC5 submissions click *here*!!!

And more great news!! A Contest!! YAY!! - Apparently this contest has been on going and since I am a terrible DT member and never read the message board , I didn't know until I finally DID read the message board..... d'oh!!

Embellish It Scrapbooking is having a August/September contest!! wahoo!!

We are giving away some Hallowe'en goodies - NO not candy silly!! Rub-ons and chipboard and brads oh my!! from the Imaginescense Hallowhimsey collection!!

You need to be an active forum/gallery member at Embellish It Scrapbooking in order to enter the contest. You don't have to buy a darn thing, just join us on our forum and in our gallery and you can enter to WIN!!

The winner will be chosen on September 30th and contacted by e-mail and posted in the forum!!

Fun times over at Embellish It Scrapbooking!!!


  1. Cute, cute, cute! Great use of the sketch! I love that stamp and am just waiting for mine to arrive.

  2. oh, C'mon can fold something besides your cardstock! There is no deadline....let's see what you've got!!! :)

    I love ya anyway...even though I see you think I'm starting to act like Cindy! ;) sounded kinda like my *mother* in that post!!


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