6 Nov 2008


Hubby has been on my case to sell all of my beads - yikes!! - part with something???

I panicked and made a pair of earrings just to show him that I still need all those beads, just in never know!

I stamped my "carriage" Imaginisce" acrylic stamp onto white Polyshrink plastic.

Make sure you use Staz-on ink so that it stays on (heehee). I used
Blush Pink Staz-on to keep with the pink theme of the Imaginisce line - which I am absolutely luvin'!!

I cut out the shape with my Scalloped Circle Nestabilities and then punched a hole in the circle at the top with my teeny weeny circle punch! Make sure you do this before you heat the Polyshrink plastic, because if you wait until after you heat it, very tough to do! And I know this......just because.........

Then comes the funnest part of all!! HEATING IT AND SHRINKING IT AND WATCHING IT!
I felt like a little kid with my heat gun, full of all sorts of emotions, standing over this little circle, watching it do all sorts of contortions!

It folds up (despair) and turns over (glee) and unf
olds (excited) and flattens (amazed) and skittles across the room (peed) if you are not holding it down somehow, all in a matter of about 30 seconds!!

I just held my big Cuttlebug plate in one hand and the heat gun in the other hand, and sort of sheltered the plastic to avoid having it "skittle across the room" the second time!

So after all that emotion, I sorted out some beads. These awesome pink clay beads, I bought from Cindy's Art and Soul - way back when and have finally used them. She has gorgeous beads and creations!! Check out her site if you are interested even the tiniest iota!!

I added a couple of Swarovski Roundelles and they were done. So very quick and easy and if I hadn't have had to chase my shrink art all over the room, they would have been even quicker!! LOL!!

You can see more of the amazing Imaginisce creations at Embellish-It Scrapbooking Design Team Gallery.

Did I mentions that if you use the keyword GLITTER, at Embellish-It Scrapbooking, in your shopping cart - you get 20% off!! Yah baby!!


  1. Gorgeous pair of earrings! I love shrink plastic too. You described it beautifully.

  2. Oh dear!! I've been waiting for these Imaginisce stamps to come out!!! These are too cute, my friend!!

  3. hee hee about hubby...i bet he has a few things you want to get rid

    Oh Bonnie..These are adorable! i have never worked with poly shrink...but these are fabulous!

  4. Well rest your case honey! These are the cutest things!

    Now if my hubby suggested such a thing, I might suggest he get rid of a few guns, fishing rods, tackle boxes and all that useless stuff! Like how many cards do you need with fishing lures as embellishments?

  5. SELL YOUR BEADS!!!!!!! IS HE CRAZY? did you explain to him that we CANNOT sell anything! baaahahaha!

  6. OMW! Bonnie, this is just too cute.

  7. First of all I want to see you wearing these earrings. Second, I hope you don't have carpet in your craft room-would making cleaning up after your "excitement" a bit more difficult!

    They are very cute though!!

  8. These are beautiful Bonnie! I just bought some polyshrink, I guess I need to go play with it.

  9. OOoh..neato! I thought I was the only one to have such a range of emotions while creating things. LOL!

  10. These are so awesome!! Really, really cute!!

  11. You are just WAY too good. These are stunning! You DO need those beads (hide them! LOL) I'm convinced that you could whip up a chandelier in 10 minutes flat with 'em! Your DH is guilty of 'stamping hubbies rule infraction #433': said rule states never ever ever (ever ever) suggest that an object within 3.5 miles of the craft room is anything other than absolutely undeniably essential. teehee ;O)


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