23 Dec 2008

Announcing The One, The Only, and the Very First...........

Madelynn's Twinkling Tuesday Challenge!!!! YAY!

Today marks the first day of the design team's sketch's for Madelynn's sketch challenge, and boy, she sure didn't let us off lightly!

These criss cross things are always such a trial for me, but I just decided wrap a bunch of ribbon - like I have been wrapping all week --haha!

We would love to have you play along with us if you can. Just use the code word MTTSC2 when you upload to Splitcoast Stampers (Madelynn's Twinkling Tuesday Sketch Challenge 2)!

Check out the rest of the NEW design team's cards (on my side links) and show them a bit of love! We are very excited about Madelynn and Jessica's new venture and hope you are too!!

The image and sentiment is from Whipper Snapper Designs and I have almost been bullied into using it by both Jessica and Danielle who both think I NEED these images!

Honestly, I love c
hickens so why am I not using more chicken images? Well, I finally bought some and do plan on using them...........

In fact I will probably be using up a lot of my stash of stamps, you know, those lovable stamps that you never use and get pushed to the bottom of the pile.

***QUICK!! Leave NOW if you don't want to be bored by my whining!!

The reason being, is that crazy Canadian $$$ w
hich has taken a HUGE plunge so buying new stamps is off limits.

For example: I buy two beloved stamp sets at $14.99 each set average. Add on the $10 shipping for those sets, which is probably a fair price given today's shipping costs. So far we are up to $40 in US Funds.

Our Canadian $$ today is worth .82 cents (today at noon) , add a few cents so the bank makes some money and that is probably another 5 cents so $40 becomes $49.20 Canadian.

Of course at the border they add provincial sales tax and fede
ral sales tax - another 13% - that now becomes $55.60 - add another $5.00 for brokerage fee and that is $60.00.

So a $15.00 stamp set becomes a $30.00 stamp set. Am I whining?? You bet. Is it anybody's fault? Probably, but I can't do anything about it except not buy the merchandise.........ugh.....and at Christmas!!.....just as well.........

And if you are still following me, I applaud you, because that is pretty boring stuff, but strangly I feel better for unloading, even though I know not how to fix it!!....haha!


  1. I'm with ya Bonnie! My US mail order shopping also took the plunge the same time our dollar did. I'll also be digging into my stash.

  2. Bonnie I love your card, and may have to case it sometime. I hear you about the dollar and stamps. Bummer man!

  3. Love the edge treatment you gave the center panel! And the ribbon colors are so yummy! Great job on the challenge!

  4. Hi this is Madelynn.I love that chicken stamp! It's so cute! I also like the buttons you use on your card. Thank you for playing my sketch :)

  5. Spied this one on Madelynn's blog and loved it instantly! I shouldn't be surprised to find out it's a Bonnie Original! Congrats on being named to the DT!
    Hope you have a lovely holiday,

  6. Bonnie, I love your card! Great image, the scallops, the buttons! I am so sorry to hear about the $$ issue, I had NO idea it was that bad and WOW. All those extra fees and stuff, that's awful!

  7. First off, I love your card!! Secondly, vent away-I would be frustrated too.

  8. Hey Bonnie... Yes I am from London.. Still snowing here too.
    Great blog!! I will be back often.
    HAve a very Merry Christmas!!

  9. Super cute! Love the chicken!!

  10. As an downsized preschool teacher, I am "rediscovering" my older stamps to create new results with fresh colors and techniques.
    As I live in the greater Detroit area,I am familiar with the Canadian exchange rates and miss our shopping trips to Windsor and vacation trips to Toronto.
    Holiday greetings to all.

  11. Super cute card and sketch!!!
    I hear ya on the dollar...I too have put buying on hold from the states,it's ridiculous!!!
    Oh well,life is tough sometimes!

  12. this card is just too cute bonnie! i think it's my favorite of all the ones I've seen! Looking forward to working with you in 2009

  13. I love the sketch...talented little artist we have among us! That is just awesome!! I did not know about the exchange rate and hearing how it all "works" is just awful! I hate that for you...


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