27 Dec 2008

A Vintage Christmas.........

Before the Canadian dollar went wonky (don't worry - no more whining!), I had purchased some Jenni Bowlin material, because I absolutely loved her bingo cards!

So I made some Christmas cards with them! They are only one sided, however you could fold them if you wanted for a different look.

I just wrote my message on the back and mailed or hand delivered them to our friends and family!

I downloaded some free vintage Santa pictures from different sites, sized them to what I needed and printed them off!

Pretty easy and very original!

Off to another Christmas celebration today......I think this is the end of them this year......all fun and very good eating ;) !!


  1. Wow how cool are these? I love that vintagy look. You do a really good job with them, too! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and looking forward to ringing in the new year as friends!

  2. Oh how cool!! I love these!!

  3. These are so freakin cool! I LOVE those big bingo cards! I use them for tons of stuff - the mini ones too

  4. Hi Bonnie, i LOVE the vintage look, can never pull it off myself but you've done an amazing job with these, fabulous. Hope you're enjoying the Christmas celebrations and a Happy New Year to you xx

  5. These are soooo coooool, Bonnie! I love what you did with them.

    Happy Holidays and hugs to you,

  6. I luv these bingo sweet..nice job! *~*

  7. These are wonderful! I want some of those bingo cards! I love them! I also love the vintage Santas! GREAT cards!!


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