6 Feb 2009

Bloom With Too Many Piercings.....

This card reminds me of a girl my daughter went to High School with........way too many piercings........ I got kind of carried know how it goes (and I know you do...).......

I think it needs a few more holes..........oh.

Maybe a couple here will look better........oh

Maybe this will fix it........ew.

Nichole Heady has a challenge to create something with Ocean Tides, Summer Sunrise, Ripe Avocado and Pure Poppy and you can win prizes!! What could be better??!!

Since I LOVE Beautiful Blooms and my Cuttlebug, I decided to use them together again! I got a little bit of Kraft in there too so I hope they don't fire me. haha!

The sentiment is from Heartfelt Basics and I made a little tag with it and popped it up on my card.

Why don't you accept Nichole's challenge and maybe you can win some of her delici-yummo paper!!

I want to thank everyone for all the well wishes for my daughter - she is actually doing very well now and thankful to be able to be home with her hubby and kids.

The doctors think it might have been a torn muscle. So a lot of tests done but thank goodness they have ruled out the blood clot.....

One of the worst things about it (for her) was because of the radiation in one of the tests she couldn't hold her new little baby for 24 hours - of course then I got to have and hold........ yay!!


  1. YOu do beautiful work Bonnie!!

  2. Bonnie, this rocks my world! I love this set and you can never have too much piercing!

  3. I love the holes! I think they are a great addition!

  4. Hey, glad to hear about your daughter too...knew it was nothin' serious!

  5. I love it, such a great card...

  6. Hi Bonnie,
    Love the card...the paper piercing adds such a great touch!

    I have a favor to ask. Do you have any digital pictures of your farm and chickens that you could e-mail or post? My son's class is working on a unit on farming and I mentioned I knew a chicken farmer in Canada. He wanted to come visit and after I explained that it was a bit farther than he thought he asked if I had any pictures of your farm...hence my favor.

  7. Very pretty--I like the piercing--on the card that is!

  8. You are too funny,like a girl your daughter hung around with,too many piercing,lol!
    It looks awesome Bonnie!

  9. Your post made me laugh! I know what you mean, I always have to tell myself "Less is more." This is beautiful!

  10. I think your card came out great! Holes and holes and holes and all!! So glad to hear that your daughter is going to be okay! : )

  11. Very nice card! I think it is just the right amount!

  12. Bonnie girl, you crack me up with the piercing thing. I think your card looks great. Piercings and all!

    Sorry to hear about your daughter but I'm glad they are getting things figured out.

    I miss visiting your blog. I'm so far behind these days. Just playing catch up. Gonna stop rambling and go hang out in your blog for a while.


  13. I actually like all the piercing! I have such a hard time with making it look good that I never try it, but your is awesome! Such an amazing card. i am so glad to hear you daughter is okay. Hopefully that torn muscle will repair itself soon!



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