5 Feb 2009

It's All About the Packaging!

Thank you so much for all the concern shown yesterday.

My daughter, who just gave birth to that beautiful baby girl, had horrible pains in her upper back when she took a breath, signaling a suspected blood clot in her lung, so we went hospital hopping.

Then more hospital hopping for a radioactive lung scan, and then a Cat Scan and then back to the first hospital for the results.

The scans show that it is not a blood clot - and I thank God for that, but they don't know what is causing the pain when she breathes.

Our day began at the first hospital at 8:00 a.m and we got back home about 4:00 pm. so needless to say a stressful day but today is looking better!

So, on to yesterday's post-today!

ETA.....***always check to see what side the seam is at when you package your cookies - you will notice the sweet treat bag is backwards......bah!!**

Lots of pictures today!

I love the packaging of products but usually do not venture into anything more than a gift bag with tissue paper!

After seeing Michelle Wooderson's brilliance for the past couple of years, in packaging homemade goodies, I finally decided to use some of these glassine bags I have had flying laying around my craft room for oh-so loooong!

Michelle always packages her "stuff" so cutely and prettily (probably not grammatically correct, but so appropriate) so I gave it a shot.

Using Kim Hughes stamp sets, Hugs and Kisses and Sweet Thang, I made up a couple of packages of cookies. I even have the set Baked with Love - and I could have used that too - doh!

The toppers were made with the Nestabilities long scalloped rectangles, Spellbinders Labels and Pure Poppy , Memory Box Sugar Plum , and Kraft paper.

Papertrey Ink polka dot ribbon just adds a little bit of fun to an already "sweet" project!

PS I didn't make the cookies.....I'm only ONE person!!!! I can only do so much, don't bug me about it.......


  1. Hope your daughter is doing better soon!

  2. I know you'll probably get a million suggestions or diagnoses but I had the exact same thing. Every time I took a breath there would be this stabbing pain. Called doc on the way home. He said could be one of two things. One if she's been to the hospital they ruled out. He told me to press on the spot hard to see if it hurt more. I did. He said Advil and if not better go to emergency. Got off the phone and it went away. He thought a muscle pull. Certainly if your daughter just gave could be. Hope so and sorry to post this here but if I could help...Enjoy the blog and cards by the way.


  3. I hope your daughter feels better! Have they checked for gallbladder problems? That's where my pain was with my gallstones and it was horrible. I'm not a doctor but just know from painful experience.
    Cute little packaging!

  4. OMGosh Bonnie I'm so sorry! I didn't get aroudn much yesterday in Blogland so I'm just seeing this now. Prayers that they can find out what's goin on...could she have broken a rib maybe during birth? That happened to someone I know. Well, I'm sure they are ruling all that out. Right now, HUGS! And CUTE CUTE project-I LOVe this!!!

  5. I'm sure everything will be just fine! And your bags are very cute! You must link them at the PTI blog today for a chance to win a big prize! DO IT NOW!

    Hope your daughter feels better soon!

  6. Anonymous13:26

    This is really cute! I love the craft and bright colors combined with the scallop border, very cute!

  7. Anonymous13:45

    Sorry about the weird numbers! I don't know why it's doing that.

  8. Linda Bandow16:18

    Bonnie: I'm so glad that I am not the only one who makes mistakes and discovers them later....usuall DD points them out. I hope your daughter is doing better, she has enough stress with the new little one.

  9. I really do hope that your daughter is getting better, that is such a scary time to have health issues. As if giving birth isn't enough! Your bags are too cute!

  10. such a sweet treat :)
    hope your daughter if feeling better.

  11. Hoping your daughter is feeling better and that the docs figure out what's causing her pain soon. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs, Maria

  12. Anonymous04:32

    I hope your daughter is feeling better soon and they figure out what's causing it!!

    Love your little treat bags!!What a fantastic idea!!

  13. Cute, cute, cute!!! It doesn't matter if you didn't make the treats -- the packaging is adorable! :)

  14. Oh -- and I hope your daughter is feeling better soon! I'll keep her in my prayers!

  15. Bonnie...came across your blog from PTI this morning and maybe a reason for that. I used to work at a chiropractic office and it could be that she has a rib out....could have happened during labour Im sure. If she sees a chiropractor they can assess it and fix it for her if thats the problem. Good luck.

  16. How scary and stressful that must have been. So glad that it wasn't a blood clot!

    Love your glassine cookie bags. They are positively yummy!



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