25 Feb 2009

Where oh where......

I'll be posting at 5:00 pm for the Papertrey Blog Hop!

If you can, come on back then, I will have something egg-stra special....!!

In the is our little grumpabella grandd
aughter ........she has been giving her mom and dad a run for their money.......hehe.....sorry, it's not funny......


  1. Ohhhh how sweet!!! She is such a cutie!!! What a lucky grandma you are!


  2. She's adorable Bonnie! You must be so proud and you well know that's it's her job to give mom and dad a run for their money - hehehehe. Hugs, Maria

  3. Oh My word Bonnie she is like totally adorable and I love her I want to keep her can I can I????

    Tell your daughter and Son in Law I am an expert on screaming babies I can handle it like a pro now!!!

    However when My firt one cried every night from about 8:30pm to 3am all night long and never stopped and I thought I was going to give her back I did not think that, but after the 3rd one I am a pro!!! I'll take her for a week or two and give them a break!!!!!!



  4. Oh look at that puss! Too cute! I wish I could smell her! I LOVE babies...sigh.


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