17 Apr 2009

A quick Damask!

This afternoon, I made what should have been a quick card, while I was watching my my grandkids. Stamp ....then play......then stamp......then play.....then cut......then play.......

I bought my girlfriend a dozen peach roses because she just had her gall bladder out, and what could make a girl feel better than ROSES!!

So I wanted to make a card that kind of matched, so I used Papertrey Ink's Melon Berry and New Leaf, along with the Damask stamp set and Mega Mixed Messages. I stamped it all onto Vintage Cream cardstock and then roughed up the edges a bit and adhered it to a Vintage Cream background.

I didn't know at first but I kind of like it and now I have to suck it up and give it away! I am terrible at giving away my cards. I have a hairdresser who sells them for me and I hardly ever take her down any because I don't like to part with them...... silly!

I am so excited!! I am going to Scrapfest this weekend with my sister-in-law (who doesn't even have a blog and she makes the most gorgeous cards and I think she reads this the natural thing to do would be to make fun of her........but I think I will wait until after Scrapfest so I can still get a ride.....) and I am taking this class with Vicki Boutin!!

Terribly thrilled about it and I will let you know how it goes.......will I crash and burn or will I come back knowing EVERYTHING about masking and resisting and more.......or will I learn everything there is possibly to know about masking and resisting and more .......and then forget it all before I get home.....(now that's a possibility!!)


  1. Great card! I know what you mean about having a hard time letting your cards go...

  2. Gorgeous Bonnie...super color choices!

  3. WOW this is gorgeous Bonnie! Love your new profile pic too!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  5. beautiful! love the embellishing

  6. So very pretty!

  7. Beautiful card Bonnie!! I'm sure your friend will love and cherish it!!

    Congrats again on becoming a fellow Dirty Girl! You definitely deserve it!!

    Hugs, Melissa

  8. Anonymous18:10

    The card is beautiful and I know she will enjoy it as much as the roses. Hope she is recovering.
    See you early tomorrow morning.

  9. Bonnie - that card is BEAUTIFUL!

  10. Stunning & so classy. I can just picture it with the peach roses. Hope your friend is better very soon! Your class sounds amazing (hope you still get a ride, hehehe) Vicki's blog is rockin'. Enjoy! :O)

  11. What a very elegant and beautiful card! Love this color combo!

  12. Bonnie,

    This turned out really great you have a knack about you of having the ability to make a simple card look totally amazing!!! I love it and the colors too!!!



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