30 May 2009

Oh, I'm here.......

Oh, I'm here......and haven't run away at all.

Hubby has the camera in his shop taking pictures of his 1960 Volkswagen truck engine, lights, fender, whatever else he can take a picture of while he is working on it.

It's times like these that we need another camera......

On a brighter note, I finally got a clothesline and I couldn't be happier (unless I had my camera)

Like I told Jennifer, it makes my whites whiter and my colours brighter! and she promptly wanted some of those happy pills I must be taking! lol! Smiley from

I need to figure out WHEN a good time is, to hang out clothes, because today I was chasing towels all over the wheat field!


  1. LMAO Bonnie. I love visiting your blog. Remember not to leave those lacy bits flapping in the breeze when company comes by!!

  2. Oh this is so pretty! Love all the pearls!


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