2 Jul 2009


Oh man! Where the heck have I been and what have I been doing?! I'm going to tell you (even if you don't!)

Wednesday was Canada Day here in Canada (of course), and my daughter Holly loves to have our family all over and have a Canada Day bar-b-que.....which is wonderful naturally.

For the last two years she has had it at her place, but this year SHE decided it would be better served at our place since we have a Cabana (fancy name for a screened in porch) and it was probably going to rain.

So we were madly scrubbing down the Cabana since it gets kind of dusty and spidery (eek!) and no one wants to sit in there if it is spidery, least of all me!

I got a couple of pictures of my meager attempt at a centerpiece for my table~ I had these huge pails full of shredded paper -- I won some wine a couple of months ago and the bottles were in these pails so of course I had to keep them just incase I found a use for them! You KNOW what I am talking about!!

I put my Canada flags in there and then tied on a small tag that I quickly made out of Papertrey Ink Pure Poppy and Stampers Select white cardstock, Spellbinders Scalloped and Plain Circle Nestabilities, and Papertrey Ink "Simply Stationary" .

Then I misplaced my camera and didn't find it again until this evening, so I couldn't even take any more pictures of the day! Oh, was I ticked!!

It is now about 10:00 pm on Thursday night and I think I am kind of whipped, mostly from being so frustrated at misplacing that dang camera! Oh well, we always have the memories......I hope!!

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  1. Ouuuuu! You are just such a good Canadian! I didn't stamp a thing that was red & white. I'm a bad Canuck! ;o) Your project looks perfect though (Not meagre at all. Just simple & elegant.) Those pails ROCK! Ouuu which reminds me. The baby terracotta pot you said you were looking for... did you find any? I got mine at my local nursery. Seems like a silly answer, but I hope that helps you find some. :O)


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