14 Dec 2009

Baked? .......or Half Baked?

Good Monday morning to you!

We had our very first family Christmas celebration yesterday and celebrated at a beautiful old mansion called Elmhurst Inn, located in Southern Ontario - absolutely gorgeous and a great place to dine if you are ever there!

It is about 1- 1/2 hour drive from our home and of course, why would we leave an extra minute early?? We all get packed up into my car - my old faithful Pontiac Torrent,- and it wouldn't start!!

So my son cleans out his '92 Buick Skylark, Smiley from millan.netit runs like a freakin' top and away we go, my hubby and I in the back seat (hubby loved that!Smiley from ) and my son and daughter chauffering mom and dad! Too funny!

Ah well, this week's Little Paper Shop challenge is brought to you by our fearless DT co-ordinator Jessica, who unbelievably says she is leaving us this week ACCKK! can't believe she would dare, but she has another calling so we wish her good luck at her new venture .......and onways and upwards and all that rot!

Pam Varnell, who is now a full fledge Little Paper Shopper, is going to take good care of us so we don't go wandering away and get lost in the woods....thank you Pam!!

Jessica has challenged us to create a card using some sort of baking theme.

Well, I believe this {Still Hot Granny} IS half-baked, so that is how I took the theme this week! lol!

I hope you like it and if you would like to meet this challenge you may end up winning the stamp set {I Heart} - FUN!!

Please take a look at the other Design Team members blog to see how they have interpreted this Baking Challenge!!


  1. Hee hee I think she is half baked Bonnie, I love her, fabulous job on the challenge.

  2. HAHA yes, you have given whole new meaning to the word baked LOL! However, I really got a kick out of your "all that rot" comment. HA! Oh, woman I would miss you if I didn't know that I would bother you from time to time...but I have to ;) You know you were one of my very first blogging friends and have a special place in my heart, always :) BIG HUGS!!!!

  3. I should have known you'd have a twist for us. LOL!! You are too funny! Love this.

  4. Hahaha!! Too cute!!!!

  5. LOL Bonnie, I love it all! The best part of my blurfing time is always reading your posts lady - TOO funny!

  6. Love this Bonnie, how cute. The story about your "field trip" is hilarious. I love reading your blog. Always makes me laugh.

    Thanks for the shout out. I will do my best to help everyone out. Big hugs!!

  7. Ha ha! Love Granny! She's probably right toasted by now. Your chatty posts amuse me. And yes, I will definitely be one of those lost in the woods!


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