21 Oct 2010

A Waltzingmouse Challenge and blog candy!

ETAA: Photo is up!!  prize include Papertrey Ink's 2010 Limited Edition "Round and Round", The Cat's Pajamas "Polar Holiday", and Verve's Thankful Hearts.... and of course, anyone who has ever won my blog candy before can attest to the fact that I always throw in some more not to worry, there will be something you like!!

ETA: okay, I can't get my camera downloader to after I go to Future Shop in the morning and get a new one.....then I can show you the prizes you could win!  

Curse you technology!Smiley from

 Just to let you know of the fabulous Tag challenge being offered up  at Waltzingmouse Stamps.....follow the link here to see what the contest involves and how you can easily enter!

AND you get to make tags!! How much better can that be??!!

Sorry for the lack of daughter and I are in 3 craft shows this fall beginning November 6th so that is what I am busy at - crafting!!

This will be our fourth year in these craft shows and every year it does not get easier lol! 

But we have found that cards are the best sellers by far so that is what we are sticking to with a few little pursey thingies and tags - I will be sure to post them when I get a minute!!

Leave a comment and let me know what works for you to sell at craft shows and I will make it worth your while!  One person will win some stamps - I have lots to give away!

If you are not a craft show person - let me know what you would like to see - I need some new fresh ideas and some guidance lol!! Never too old to learn!

I'm out the door to get a much needed hair cut, but when I get back I will edit this post with a picture of the prize you could win!!


  1. I would love to do craft shows, but don't know what to make. That is good to know cards are a top seller. Perhaps cards packaged in mathing boxes would be good? Thanks for a chance to win some stamps!

  2. Several years ago I made photo holders out of binder clips. The idea needs to be updated, but I made a lot of them and they almost all sold. Here's a link to a picture:

    You slip a picture into the top part of the clip.

    Like I said, the style would need to be updated, but they are cute and fun!

  3. I love going to craft shows but have only been in them when I was a young teen - my best friend and I sold handmade scrunchies at a few craft shows for $1 each and made a killing (at least for us)! Not in style anymore so I know that doesn't help you at all! :) Stick with what is a best seller for you - cards!

  4. Hi Bonnie! Last year my cards sold like hot cakes, so that is great that you are sticking with that. Also, anything for around $2.00 sold really well. Small candy type items that were dressed up in some way, Tic Tacs in holders, lip balm, candy nuggets in little purse holder...They LOVE "cutesy"...Good Luck and let us know how it goes :)

  5. If I was to buy something, I would like to get sets of different sentiments.
    Good luck!!

  6. I've found that small things, that sell for $1 work the best.

  7. I think cards are the best idea, especially thank you cards that you can leave blank inside - simplifies the creation process. How about bookmarks?? Those would be great for stocking stuffers.

  8. I think anything with magnets would be a hot item, very useful! Like notebooks for the fridge or frames for pictures of the grandkids. But like you said, cards would seem to be the hottest thing.

  9. A friend and I sell cards. I have my handmade authentic Scottish Shortbread Cookies. I sell more cookies and she sells the most cards because her's are more detailed than mine.

  10. I love craft shows - visiting and selling!! For my area and the fact I do kids fairs - I tend to keep cards to about 50p to 75p - they are clean and simple. Good luck with your show.

  11. Sheila M Jones05:23

    I'm having a stall tomorrow morning and will be selling some cards, some handmade felted brooches, triangular sweetie boxes and bottles of ginger wine (this is non alcoholic stuff that your grandma used to make and burns the back of your throat when you swallow!). I found that last year my best seller was an anti stress kit packaged in a lovely embossed box and sold for £1. They were really popular!

  12. KathyM18:19

    I haven't done a craft show, but sell to friends and co-workers and yes, mostly I get card requests but find that people love any small "treasure" they can give as a teacher or secret Santa gift - so maybe card-type holder enclosing a pack of hot cocoa or a small dollar store jar of holiday coloured jelly beans with a pretty tag and some ribbon would be a hot item.

  13. I've never done a Craft Show but I've been to lots of them. Things I enjoy seeing are Home Decor items, especially seasonal for various holidays. I also love Handmade Cards, Food Items like Holiday Drink Mixes, Cookie Mixes, etc...that the person can easily make from the kit.

  14. Hi Bonnie!

    So sweet of you to do a giveaway! Well, there are already a lot of things I like in it, so I'm not worrying at all, ha ha! I like so much the stamps that Verve makes, but they told me they don't ship to the Netherlands... so I was very sad... so I'm happy to join in for a win with you!
    I never joined a craft show myself, since I only started making cards in February this year and I still have no stash of card, because there are still so many people to send my cards to, hi hi. But I love visiting craft shows and I always love bookmarks! I love reading myself and therefor I also always love to give away books, but to add something personal it's so nice to add a handmade bookmark, with a bit of space for a personal message. I only see them a few times, but what I hardly ever see are then bookmarks for kids. I love to give books to children and see hardly any kids bookmarks to give with them. An idea for you? Hope so! All the best to you!

    Hugs, Wendy

  15. Working on something right there that is EASY seems to help. Having the finished product, and then the same product in several phases - beginning, middle, end, seems to help when people realize "I can make that".

  16. It has been a long time since I have even attended a craft show, much less had a booth in one! I tend to stay away, because all it does is give me more ideas of things I want to make!! lol

    I think that the idea that a lot of people have mentioned is good. Something relatively inexpensive that makes a nice "thinking of you" type gift, or something to have a few on hand in case you need a little gift unexpectedly.

    Thanks for the chance to win a prize!

  17. Fabulous giveaway here!! Not a craft show person here but I would love to see more 3D projects (that's probably the wrong word lol)...stuff like boxes and altered items. Your cards are amazing so I wouldn't stop making stuff you're good at lol. Thanks for doing such a lovely giveaway. Keep up the fantastic work!!!


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