8 Dec 2010

Oops....forgetting JOY!

I have forgotten to post my JOY'S this week - even after I said I would post every day - well, that is me ...

Can you picture a little 4 year old boy, all bundled up, hand in hand with his dad, walking down the laneway in the snow?

Jake my grandson and Jared my son-in-law - Ron and I were watching out the window as they walked down our laneway.....Jake kept turning around to watch his footprints in the first snowfall- JOY!.....I walked down to the shop, where Jared was putting together his model airplanes, and Jake was just wandering around looking at things.

I said to him, "I saw your footprints in the snow Jake - they were so fun to follow"

He said to me, "I left them for you Grandma, so you could find me..." Perfect JOY!


  1. Awww this is too precious! Happy Holidays to you and your family Bonnie. Hugs, Maria

  2. Anonymous10:03

    So sweet. That just made me smile!
    ~ JoLene


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