23 Jan 2013

Monday Morning Makes - on Wednesday!

Good day!  Claire from Waltzingmouse Stamps has issued a challenge to all interested Waltzingmouse Stamp users -- play along!

If you have seen this technique on the blogs and have wondered about trying it out - me too! I decided it was time to delve into the Chalkboard Style Challenge and although I started out kicking and screaming -From Millan.Net I decided that it is so easy - I should have been doing it years ago - or whenever.....

I gathered several Waltzingmouse Stamp sets which I thought would have an interesting focal point and also contain little doo-dads to use along the way....

Now I must say that I did get carried away with the last step - that is rubbing the white ink over certain parts of the card -From Millan.Net

I kept thinking - "well this needs to stand out a bit, and this could use some more ink"..... anyway I think I may have just inked myself into fogginess Lol!

Well anyway I did give it a try and would love it if you would too - just link your WMS entry up here!

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