28 Sep 2007


Yes, I have gone pink for October and I will tell you why.

A few years ago, my mom had a breast removed because she had breast cancer.

Naturally, that was a hard time for all of us but my mom being who she is had the surgery and came home the next day! I went over to help her and she met me at the door and asked me in for a cup of tea. I was dumbfounded!

I said "Mom....for heaven's sake, go lay down and let me do something for you!"

She said " Bonnie, come in and have a cup of tea with me. I am not laying down!"

So I did. That was what she needed to do that day. She was strong and still is the strongest woman I know and I thank God everyday that I have her in my life.

Please check out some of the links on the right side of my page regarding Breast Cancer Awareness.

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