14 Oct 2007

My Favorite Things and Faux Ribbon.....

I had a nice long bath when I got home from Canada's Scrapbooking Crop for Kids today. It was crazy!! I volunteered today and my first job was to take the breakfast tickets from the ladies this morning.....breakfast really wasn't anything to write home about.
I would have been very disappointed if I had of paid what they did and got THAT breakfast.
But it was all for the kids, and it was such a noble thing to organize!! How difficult to get everything perfect and it was except for the little meal glitch......

It certainly had nothing to do with the Scrapbooking people - but rather the hotel that they were at - almost every women that went through the line complained that this was the worst food they had ever had when they had attended overnight crops.

I pounded on the kitchen door which was kept locked and asked for bread or bagels and orange juice and if the toaster could be plugged in. She said she had to check the contract!! Anyway, soon she came out with a load of bagels and lots of different kinds of breads - beautiful basket - but by then 3/4 of the women had eaten so it was pretty much wasted. I was glad I had eaten before I went! Oh yeah, I forgot there was cereal, but it was Fruit Loops - maybe they thought it really was for KIDS!!

Well, like I said - the bath - so I decided to do a "Time for a Bath" card from My Favorite Things.

I really wanted to keep it simple so all I did was stamp her in black and then tombowed in the bubbles only with two different colors of pink to create some dimension. I also masked in more bubbles on her legs and since she already had a glass of wine, I really thought she should have the bottle beside her in case she needed a refill. Why not?!

The white cardstock is gorgeous thick paper from Papertrey Ink. Forty - 8 x 11 1/2 sheets for only $6.00. That is only 15 cents a sheet!!

You really need to head on over there, Nichole Heady has so much nice stuff - more than just stamps too.

However (she said slyly.....) if you wait until midnight tonight, there are TWO NEW STAMP SETS coming out, I saw a sneak peek on Nichole's blog and they are gorgeous!! Her stamp sets are beautifully packaged and include a case in which to store your stamps!

I used my Faux Ribbons stamps from Papertrey Ink to stamp on half of the white background, just in various random lines, in Brilliance pink, brown and wheat. Then I stamped Relax and It's Your Day. I masked Relax and stamped more bubbles and tombowed them in the same colors of pink just for dimension (she said again)

I just think it is such a simple card but relaxing and elegant at the same time......

Wouldn't it be perfect if you were giving someone a spa gift certificate or something ?!!?

I will just have to settle for the hot bath!!


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