13 Nov 2007


Well, now I am over at my daughter's house using her computer! I detest not having my computer! Hopefully tomorrow the technician says!

I had my computer in at Staples, but their technician quit yesterday morning......and they said they should have a new technician hired within the I said in my strained voice.........I think I will pick up my computer and take it somewhere else.

They were fine with that, soooo when I picked it up, it was in a bunch of pieces. One big piece (the tower) and then the case ----full of little pieces!!

I took it to a place in another little town, closer to where I live, and he said - tomorrow night - probably $85!!

What is THAT!! Staples had told me it might be over $300. What a ripoff that would have been!!

Anyway, I have been making cards and such, (since I can't read any blogs-UGH) so I will have lots to upload - download - whatever it is! HOPEFULLY TOMORROW!!

I went to see my cute little niece today!
Well, my great niece (oh my gawd, I am old) and she is such a little sweetie!! just giggling all the time and eating little mushy cookies....oh boy....getting a little misty eyed ....old age does stupid things to your moods....besides HOT FLASHES!! ( nothing flashy about them.... I have been known to say)

Anyway, computer tomorrow!!


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