20 Nov 2007

Well.....what do you think!!!!?

Isn't it beeee-oooo-tiful!!!?


My new banner was designed and created.......

(and posted by the way, because I am so computer technical stuff-challenged)

by......{drum roll}....

Beth Silaika of Freckled Fun Designs!!

She does this kind of thing and has so many other lovely banners under her belt or desk or computer (ya know what I mean)

I had nothing to work with...I mean nothing....I just gave her a smitgeon of an idea and she put it together and hand drew everything!! I mean EVERYTHING!!

Go and check out her site and see all the pretty things she does!! She is awesome to work with....very patient.....very patient......and very patient.......!! Honestly, I just don't understand computers. I am just fortunate that I figured out this blog stuff because I love it! (and my new banner!!)

I'm in my stamp room today, so new cards coming soon.

We have our bazaar this weekend, so I have to get making more product! make the product make the product make the product


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