16 Jan 2008

The Facts of Life

We had news the other day of the death of one of our friends.

She was over 80 and had a full, wonderful life on the farm she shared with her husband.....and she got hit by a pickup truck crossing the street, in town and was killed.

I mean, having lived that long and then dying that way, is just kind of weird for me to comprehend. I wish she could have died of old age instead of in such a traumatic fashion, but that was not in her plan I guess.

The image is from Papertrey Ink and is the Spiral Bouquet stamp set. Sentiment is from My Sentiments Exactly. Ribbon is from Jacksonbelle Embellishments.

On a MUCH brighter note, I have crossed the 5,000 hits mark, and so don't forget to add a comment on this post here to win some awesome blog candy! Click on the words "post here" to be taken to that post to enter your comment and check out the candy!

I am going to "The Town Scrapper" in Petrolia today!!
I might even buy something for myself!! YAY! I found out about her on Kim Reid's blog Kraftin' Kimmies Korner.

I've edited because I forgot to leave the link for Kraftin' Kimmies Korner! Sorry about that Kim, I guess I was in too much of a hurry to get to The Town Scrapper!! (and what a morning it was!! tee hee! -next post!)

Honestly, I can't believe that The Town Scrapper has been there all this time and only a few miles away and I DIDN"T EVEN KNOW IT!! Sometimes, right in your own backyard!!

and also I have absolutely NO willpower......hubby will KILL me.....

I have to go clean up my house??? because the cleaning ladies are coming today!

Honestly, after picking up, wiping up, throwing out and sweeping the floor BEFORE they come - WHY do I even need one!? Because I do, that's why! None of that stuff would get done if they weren't coming because I spend so much time in my stamp room - AND I LOVE IT!!!



  1. How sad, Bonnie! You just never know do you? Your card is so pretty and I hope it gives them some comfort.
    Congrats on hitting the 5000 mark. I love your blog. Your cracking me up about the cleaning ladies. When we were kids, we used to have to clean for our cleaning lady!

  2. This card is so pretty and elegant, I know what you mean to live so long and to die that way, you never can tell. congratuations on your 5K mark.

  3. Oh my, that is just horrible. What a sad story. Your card is very pretty. Cleaning up before the cleaning ladies? I'm jealous you have cleaning ladies!!

  4. Such a sad loss Bonnie! But your card is stunnin! Very nicely done!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear of your friend's passing.
    This is a lovely card.

  6. Oh, that is such awful news! Your card is very beautiful.

  7. Oh wow. That is odd and sad. I love your card. It's so subtle and elegant. Congrats on the 5k mark too!

  8. That is very sad. Must be a shcok. You made a wonderful, peaceful card though. Sympathy cards are so hard for me - you did a lovely job.


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