13 Jan 2008

Happy Anniversary to ME!! (I mean us!)


Hubby and I just celebrated 28 years of wedded bluss YAY!!

I mean bliss.....YOU know what I mean!

My goodness, I can't believe it has gone soooo FAST!! And our family has undergone monumental changes -

TWO beautiful daughters

ONE fantastic son

ONE wonderful son-in-law,

ONE out-of-this-world! grandson,

ONE house burning down to the ground with nothing, and I mean --nothing left

ONE liver transplant - ME!! (*waving wildly*)
and naturally the laughing, the crying, the "I'm going to KILL you!!" fighting that all goes along with having one relatively sane/insane family!!

I have a new sign in my house that says "Remember, as far as anyone knows, we're a nice, normal family" LOL! That used to be us to a tee! when the kids were little fighters and screamers, and when we went shopping, or to a family reunion, hubby and I would "lay down the law" so-to-speak and pretty much state that verse word for word!!

It's all good now! They grow up and figure "it" out and all is great! I know you wonder sometimes if you are going to make it (or your kids)--but the answer is a resounding YES!!

My daughter, Marcie, made this beautiful card to us for our anniversary! Isn't it gorgeous!!



  1. Happy Anniversary to you!!! You have been through a lot, but have a lot to celebrate! Congratulations!!!

  2. This card is gorgeous! Happy Anniversary! I hope to be like you one day! Fourteen more years to go!

  3. Happy Anniversary. Sounds like your family has been through a lot but seem to be stronger for it. Here is to another 28

  4. you are lucky.....beautiful card!!
    Love the penwork....and beautiful coloring job.

  5. Happy Aniversary to you and your husband! Looks like your daughter is a stamper of the old block! She gave you a beautiful card.

    Lori SBS2

  6. Happy Anniversary, Bonnie! Aren't you glad that you get to go through life (no matter what it throws at you) with the one that you love? I know that I am and it sounds like you feel the same way. Congratulations on 28 years!
    Your daughter is very talented! This card is fantastic!

  7. Many many many Congrats and ohhhhhh what a stunning work of art that card is! :0) Mel

    P.S. You're card is linked on Stampin' When I Can... neat huh? And no wonder!

  8. Happy Anniversary to you (both)! I love your card & your home's sign too. :)

  9. Happy Anniversary! WOW you've packed a lot into those years! And overcome a lot too. The sorrows make the joys more joyful!
    I love your card too specially the way you outlined your image...beautiful card!

  10. This card is Beautiful!!...Happy Anniversary!!!


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