22 Jan 2008

I'm Trying........

Yes, I am trying to get to my stamp room.....but Jake is soooo much fun to be around, it may be few and far between this week!

He has his own teeny tiny play couch that pulls out to a teeny tiny play bed, and when he gets tired, he pulls it out and lays down on it, kind of on his head and shoulder, upside down sort of (you have to be there).

Rosie (our Schnauzer) cocks her head to one side and watches him and then lays down beside him. Then Jake smacks him one aside the head and Rosie will leave into her own bed. Then Jake gets up and follows her and stands and cocks his head to one side and watches her and then lays down beside her in her bed!!

Then I rescue Jake from the dogs' bed -just because- and the whole thing starts all over again!!

Too cute!

He is sleeping right now and so is Rosie - resting up for another round I suppose. I think I may go rest also......I really don't remember my 3 kids being this busy!!!

Hope to post something later......


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  1. CUTE story! Jake sounds like a lot of fun!


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