7 Jan 2008

Inspiration Station......

I don't know if you have already done this or if I am way behind the times,but I was over on Michelle Wooderson's blog, Mish Mash and she has a great idea on being organized for Valentine's Day!

Organize an inspiration station!! I put one together today, after reading about it.

What it is, is a place to have your supplies ready and close - be it a special corner in your scrap room or a basket that sitson top of your space where you work!

I am always searching for the basket that I put those new brads in, or the spot that I placed my red ink pad!

For Christmas, my MIL had got me a set of three, rather large bowls, and they came in this beautiful, rather large box!

I couldn't bear to toss the box, thinking I could probably use it for something (how smart am I?.....LOL!!) so I am using it for MY Valentine's inspiration station.

This is what is in my inspiration station-ton 'o ribbon, flowers, button, embossing powder, brads, stamp pads, even some paper - anything that I think I might use in the next couple of weeks!!


Take a look at Michelle's station here - it is so well organized and it looks like she may have a bit more room. It is beautiful!!

I am so happy to have my inspiration station - now hopefully I remember that I have got it!!



  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. I'd never seen one. Greta idea! :0) Mel

  2. Every several weeks I try to find new ways to organize my stuff but in the end, none of them seem to work to keep me organized.

    Funny because whenever I re-organize and re-organize, I can't remember where I put my stuff and spend 1/2 to an hour going through all my containers looking for one item.

    I like your pick storage container. It's very pretty! I especially love all the fun stuff inside!!


  3. Oh my gosh!! All that ribbon is making me drool!!!!!

  4. GREAT idea! I should do this!


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