24 Jan 2008

Let's Go for a Walk.....

Can you tell that I am LUVIN' these My Favorite Things stamps?

They are soooo much fun to do....I don't know why I didn't realize it before!

Since I love my dogs sooooo much, I wanted to do a tribute to them today, with the "Let's Go for a Walk" stamp set from My Favorite Things.

This sentiment could be taken either way, I suppose. The owner could be saying "I'm Here for You" to the dogs or vice versa. Either way, it makes a nice sentiment. It is from My Favorite Things Essential Sentiments stamp set!

It really is a wonderful sentiment set and it has allllll sorts of cool sayings --even one that says "kids with fur"!

I considered using that one for this card, but since Jake is here, I didn't think that would be very good!! LOL!

The designer paper is from s.e.i. and is called Hippie Chick Sidekicks. I bought it at my favourite place, The Town Scrapper, in P-town (Petrolia, Ontario). My kids have called it P-town since, well, since forever!! Hard habit to break - but it IS a term of endearment!!

I am going to Petrolia tomorrow to do some shopping at The Town Scrapper AND have lunch with Kim Reid from Kraftin' Kimmie's Korner!!! Can you believe it!! Well, not just me but a few others too.

She sent out an invite on her blog so I said, what the heck! Hubby gave me the "go ahead" as long as he gets to go ice fishing on Saturday. WOW!! Two full days of fun.....LOL!

I am too excited about lunch with Kim and I feel bad for Marcie (just a wee bit, since she is in Hawaii) because she would have loved to meet her too! Well, there will be other times I hope.....

I added some copper elements, a flower and some brads to finish it off - not too bad!!

I should send this card to my mom for irony's sake - she is in Florida in the sunny south, sunning herself in the HEAT!

OR, I could send it to my DAUGHTER who is in Hawaii, sunning herself in the HEAT!!

Helloooo, we are up here freezing our "starts with a and ends with sses off!!

Well, I really do hope they are having a grand old time and try to bring back a little bit of warmth, although Jakie is warming our hearts every day!

Andy wonders what we are going to do when Jake goes home.... boo hoo! WAAAAAA! not going to think about that!!

I am going to bed to get my beauty sleep so I can have lunch with Kraftin' Kimmie tomorrow!!



  1. Cute card. I really like the colors and the layout:))

    Your SBS2 Sis,


  2. Love this card, love MFT stamps and you lucky duck meeting Kraftin Kimmie, bet you had a blast xx


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