8 Feb 2008

Awarded for Excellence!!

Wow!! I am the recipient of a Blog award!! How wonderful! Danielle Kennedy (aka dpkennedy), of Wild Dragonfly Designs has presented me with this award!! Thank you so much Danielle! I am very honoured!!

I am supposed to award 10 other bloggers who inspire me to create my work and like Danielle says, only 10?? I have so many blogs that I read and all of those bloggers inspire me daily!

Well, let me see - since, sometimes I colour outside the lines....I am going to award 5 people who inspire me daily!!

Sharon Johnson - No Time to Stamp?
Kim Hughes - Paper Hugs
Kendra Giles - Inkin' it Up
Michelle Wooderson - Mish Mash

Wow, thank you so much again Danielle!!


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  1. Oh my goodness, I am honored!!! Thank you so much!!! WOW, I am blushing -- truly honored --thanks!!!


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