14 Feb 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone out there!!

My hubby MADE me a card over at Marcie's house!! How sweet! I though it was rather good myself !

I told him that now we could work together in my scrap room and HOW much fun would that be?!

He really didn't have an answer to that one, which I had pretty much figured! HAHA!!

Now for the gift! Believe me, I KNOW how fortunate I am to have a man who will go out and buy me a Valentine gift.

I am glad, however, that he kept the receipt. It is sooo pretty but we are going to go and exchange the size 3X nightie that he bought me.

I lost 30 lbs last year and now I fit into a size medium.

When I hold the nightie up to me, my husband, my 3 kids, my two dogs and myself could fit into it .*sigh*

This card is a sympathy card obviously (nothing to do with the above "faux pas" in the gift department).
Just look at that beautiful paper by Heidi Grace!

It is embossed and flocked in that gorgeous turquoise blue colour.....fabulous!!

The sentiment is from Mixed Messages from Papertrey Ink and the lucious chocolate satin ribbon is from Jacksonbelle Embellishments.

Anyway I have been saving all my money for Papertrey Ink's new line of paper, ribbon and ink!! That is right!! Tonight is the big debut of their new "stuff"!!

They have now come out with patterned paper, cardstock which is as fabulous and their white cardstock, ribbon, and ink......all in matching colours!! I think that every month they are going to release a new colour line! This month it is "aqua mist" and "spring moss".

Well, hubby is also taking me out for a Valentine's supper when we exchange the (too big) nighties!!



  1. WQW, good for your husband,, how great, he made you a card, did pretty good I must say. Love the simple elegance of your Sympathy card.

  2. Very nice sympathy card. I did see that PaperTrey was coming out with all that gorgeous stuff . . . that's why I'm staying off their site! I did enough damage lately, especially on QVC!

  3. By the way, your husband did GREAT! Gorgeous card from him! Good for you on losing 30 lbs.! I need to do that!

  4. Umm, well, it's the thought that counts right? :) AND he did make you a card- he's talented! I didn't even have to help him that much...but if he had mentioned what he bought for you, I would have politely directed dad BACK to the store for a smaller size...*sigh*

  5. That is so sweet that your hubby made you a card. It's great. You had the edge making yours though wiht that Heidi Grace paper--WOWsers it's NICE! :0) Mel

  6. Andrea Walford08:04

    I love the sympathy card - it's so elegant looking. The story about your husband is both sweet and funny!


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