5 Feb 2008

I'm Styling....

Another swap image.....I didn't have to stamp at all....not that I don't like to stamp....I LOVE to stamp!! LOL!!

But today is math class day, so I wanted to put together a card rather quickly, because I won't get back in today most likely.

However, as all things go, believe it or not, this did not go quickly! I always think about it WAY too much, and then when it is done, I see something I should have/would have/could have done!!

For instance, now that I see it on the blog, I think the eyelet cream should be the awning and the stripes the other way around.......ugh... but if I did that I would have thought something else.....quichyerwhinin'!

I LOVE IT!! there.....

The paper is from Basic Grey Gypsy and Mellow, ribbon is Offray from Wal-mart. Oh I do wish we had a Michael's in Chatham or Sarnia....

Well, the good news is the BAT is gone!!

This morning Andy, my son, told us that the bat was in his room last night flapping around, so he slunk out of his bed onto the floor and crawled out of his bedroom to sleep on the couch!!

So Ron and Andy went in there this morning, (I was in my stamping room next door, when Ron ran in and said "DON'T COME OUT!! WE'RE GETTING THE BAT!" and I thought......duh, okay......really, what better place to be trapped in!!? unless you had to pee or something.....!

LOTS of action, thumping!! bumping, hollering!! "GET THE BOX!!" "LOOK OUT!!" "SHUT THE DOOR!!" - that last one had me concerned. I thought they had the door shut all the time....anyway, it is gone now!!
Thank the Lord!

It's funny what silly stuff you pray for when things like that happen ....."please don't let it get me, uh, I mean, get them....please, please!!" I'm just kidding......I know God has more important things to do than listen to me screech about bats!!

But he does listen to me. I know that.



  1. Anonymous12:36

    you are so funny bonnie...............i have been looking at your blog and i can just hear you saying the story lol
    i laughed the whle time i read it.

    Anyways your cards are gorgeous too.

  2. I think the card is perfect just the way it is. I love it! I do the same thing when I post a card!
    I'm so glad that the bat is gone! i know that has to make you feel better!

  3. Fabulous card ,love the colours you have used ,Dawnx

  4. Josee Smuck11:56

    Really pretty card Bonnie. I have to say...if there was a bat in my house, I'd have to move out. Yikes!

  5. I really like this card..reversed or not! I'm glad your bat is gone...but I almost PIMP retelling the story to my husband! Man, that was funny! Sorry!

  6. OK, I don't know how I missed the post about the BAT! OMG! I just found it, read it, and I'm cringing a little! How do you get a bat in the house? Egads! I probably don't want to know! I would have been pretty terrified!

    Love this card! Love the image! *wink* Whomever did you get that lovely image from? I think the awning is so stinkin' clever, and it's perfect as is!

    Glad the bat is gone! Whew!

  7. Stylin' card, Bonnie! Love all the colors and the pattern paper!


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