2 Apr 2008

Sugared Teeoffabella!

One of the new lines of paper from Basic Grey is called Sugared and let me tell you-it is bee-yuuu-tee-ful!!

I finally inked up my Teeoffabella, from Stamping Bella and I can hardly wait to get out to the golf course myself and tee it up since it IS Spring and all!!

Did ya hear that Mother Nature?!! One of your kids is being unruly!!!

I hope she hears me....although I have heard, you shouldn't mess with Mother Nature!! I think that was a margarine commercial....wayyyy back when.....ooops showing my age....

I bought this paper when I was at the Paper Pickle last week signing up for a fabulous water colour class that Marcie and I went to last night.....

AND the instructor was none other than Besseheave from Splitcoast Stampers! Surprise! She is a fantastic watercolourer-and her shading is out of this world-- now if she would only get her BLOG going!!

AND I met other girls from SCS there also......!!!

AND since I am such a dork, I didn't get one name.

I mean, for PETE'S sake, I had a couple of girls ask me my name and I gave them my name and I went.....what a freakin' snob I am!! I really don't mean to be and if you are one of those ladies, please accept my sincere apologies.......

maybe I can blame my mother LOL!!.....who, by the way, is HOME from Florida!! YAY! Gone way to long......I finally saw her the other night when her and Owen came over for supper and it was so great to see them and they both look so awesome......You Florida people must have some sort of healthy air down there....!

They were on their way to a skating carnival that my nieces were in. Bad me, I didn't go. We had Jake and I really don't like skating carnivals......I love hockey - our son was in hockey for a few years, and yes, I was one of THOSE moms...... sorry, I'm rambling.....

Back to the watercolour class.....

Here are the cards we did using My Favorite Things acrylic stamp sets, By the Seashore and Hot Stuff. By the way MFT is having a new release tonight on their Splitcoast Stampers forum....check it out!!

I tried my hand at watercolouring.....not too bad but, of course, I need practise. I learned that I need to work a bit faster and not to drench your paper with water....unless of course, that is the look you are going for!!


  1. Anonymous19:13

    so the first comment is coming from Bessieheav herself!!!!!!! seeeee....i told you i read your blog! OMG!!!!!!!!!! It was sooooo nice to meet you personally and hope to meet up with you at pickle lots more! glad you picked up some tips....good luck with your watercolouring, your cards look FAB online!

    not ready to reveal the blog yet so just gonna sign anonymous...okay!

    Linda! (aka bessieheav)

  2. Wonderful cards! Looks like you put the watercolor class to good use!

  3. Love the Bella, and you did a great job coloring your MFT Hot Stuff lady as well! I really like how her dress coordinated with the background paper--great touch!

  4. Well, I remember the commercial you're talking about! "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature!" I even went and found it for you! Hopefully this link will work: (for Chiffon margarine!) Scary!

    Your cards are fantastic! Wow on the papers you are using! Love them!

  5. Love your cards...I have so many co-workers who golf. I have been super busy in my new position, so I don't have much time to comment anymore..I am missing it. Hope all is well. Chris

  6. fun cards.....especially love all of the fun ribbon...YUM!!!

  7. All of these are the socks on the golfer. Joan

  8. I love your first card! That paper is great and loving the scallop bottom....real purty!

  9. Anonymous16:25

    I can't believe I just found this blog - my sister-in-law!!!!
    I hardly recognized your photo - too small for my eyes.
    I have seen and received some of your great cards but had no idea how your hobby had grown. They are beautiful.



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