24 Aug 2008

Primitive Coasters.....kind of...

So I took another FREE Cornish Heritage Farms on-line class.....and wow!......again..... !!

This week's class was taught by Lesley Langdon and it was called Primitive Christmas Coasters because we were making.........can you guess!!!???

Primitive Christmas Coasters!! la- la-la loved it!

AND once I followed the directions and bought the proper tiles, I was set to go!

.......except for the fun fact that I didn't have the "called for" colour of Staz-on or the "called for" Stamp Set - do I EVER read directions??!!

The whole premise of the on-line classes is fabulous.

A couple of weeks before the actual date of the class, which are on Tuesday's, the list of supplies needed to make your creation is posted in their on-line forum, giving you plenty of time to gather them up.

Then on Tuesday, log on to the class link and you are away!!

I was actually able to easily substitute the stamp set and ink, so I was quite happy!!

As mentioned, I bought my tile for the coasters and it ended up being glazed tile instead of porous tile- WRONG!! (I swore up and down I did NOT get the glazed tile - but sadly, yes I did)

I went back to the store and very easily found the porous tile - *insert rolling eyes here*. Next time I get my tile I think I will scour the boxes first and pick through the tile to get the not so much holy hole-y tile. If you are reading this from Home Depot - do not try to stop me.

I am so pleased with this set and absolutely love how they turned out!! yay! Link up and try one of these FREE easy classes!! You will LOVE it!!

Stamps: Kim Hughes Heart Warmers, Cornish Heritage Farms Snowman with Star
Ink: Black Staz-on, copics, Krylon 18 karat gold leaf pen
Other: Home Depot porous tile, tag, gingham ribbon


  1. These are gorgeous!!! MY mom and I would love them....thanks for a wonderful gift idea!!

  2. "If you are reading this from Home Depot - do not try to stop me." LOLOL, you kill me, Bonnie!!

    I've been seeing variations of these tilez around Blogdom of late, and I HAD intend to make some magnets outta mine ... now I'm thinnin' coasters ...

    These are fabulous, Bonnie! LOVE 'em!

    ~Hugs, Deb

  3. Bonnie, these are fabulous!!! I love the hole-y tiles. Great job!!
    Blessings, Maria

  4. These turned out great, Bonnie! Tile coasters are such a fun project and so easy to do, too.

  5. Love your honed marble coasters! Be sure and put a sealant on them. I have so many of these around from samples,from my custom mosaic store days. Thanks for the inspiration Bonnie! Deb

  6. These are SO cute!! I think I need to make some too!

  7. Oh my word! How fun are these?!

  8. These are super cute! Sounds like a great class! :o)

  9. did a great job with your class them!!

  10. Ha, these are adorable! I know exactly what you mean about the holey tiles...I spent quite some time myself going through boxes to get the best ones I's not easy girlfriend, but it was necessary!!


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