11 Aug 2008

Shapes by Design

I am ashamed to say how long I have had this set, Shapes by Design, but I know I have never inked it up.

I think I may have used the sentiments a few times but never the main images - what a ding dong I am!

This is actually a case from one of Alli Miles cards when she was previewing this stamp set for the release. This set is one of Alli's many designs and it has so many possibilities!!

I had said a while ago how my mom needed four get well cards - I mean only four - so why aren't they done??!!

She asked this morning if I had them, and of course I lied and said "oh yes mom, right here, I'll drop them off tomorrow on my way through to math class" ...... *coughliar
So when looking for a quick card I stumbled across this one on Alli's post so that was the one!!! yay!!

All I did was change the orientation and the colours and I faux stitched instead of real stitching! So simple and I love it when a card it QUICK!!

Did you notice the small faux stitches I made??

Holy cow--- I didn't notice how small they were until I was doing the "stitching" with my white Inkessentials pen!! I didn't think I would ever get done those "stitches! LOL!

Oh ya, the sentiment is from Papertrey Ink's Faux Ribbon stamp set.



  1. How dare you lie to your mother,lol!!!!
    The card is gorgeous,I'm sure she loved it!!!!

  2. Love your card. (But I love the "*coughliar*" even more. Bwahahahahaa. You crack me up!)

  3. Both great cards! I love the nice colors. :)

  4. Coughliar???Let me get a tissue to wipe the tears still running down my face from laughing so hard! Great card! I am VERY ashamed at the number of sets I have accumulated that have never seen ink. I'm a bad stamper!LOL!!

  5. Bonnie, did you change your hair? I notice that picture in the right column is different. Looks great!

  6. Are you okay? Do you need some cough syrup for that coughliar? Girl, you crack me up! I bet your mom is pleased with her cards. They're purty!
    Oh, and by the way, I finally made it off the couch only to land my big fat hiney in the chair in front of the computer. How's that for a trade? LOL

    Stampin hugs, Becky:)

  7. Such the comic! Great cards! Take care, Deb

  8. You crack me up!!! great cards Bonnie.


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