24 Sep 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like ...ya know!!

It's starting to look like Christmas around here!

I have got glitter all over the dang place.....but I love it!!

Last night, being Tuesday, was another FREE on-line class at Cornish Heritage Farms!!

I missed a couple of the classes when we were on vacation, but I didn't skip a beat and got right back into the groove!

Last night
Kristine Reynolds provided some inspiration into mass producing cards with glitter!! She outlined all the steps to make a beautiful set of Christmas cards!

There were only TWO measurements in the whole set of instructions, and I, of course, managed to screw up one of them. I get reading so fast and think that I know it all already and skimmed right over the 1 1/4" cut and made my red paper 1 1/2".

Now you wouldn't think that this is too much of a difference, and I managed to hide it quite well, I think, but honestly!! when you are given a great set of instructions, why can't I just follow them??!

So next time Bonnie, smarten up.

Without an
y further self are my glitter-y cards!!

There are actually 8 cards altogether, 4 of each kind, but when I took the picture I only had three snowmen and one tree set done.

Now Kristine's instructions were to tie your Christmas-y the ribbon around the top of the card which look beautiful on her cards.

Since I didn't "listen" and my red piece of cardstock was cut 1 1/2" instead of 1 1/4" I didn't have enough room at the top of my card for the ribbon - so I thought, since I had all that pretty glitter, I would add some more glitter in the shape of a ribbon at the bottom across the seam. ETA: It really is rick rack ribbon - I didn't mean "shape" literally!

It turned out pretty anyway, I think, and really can you ever have enough GLITTER!!?!

NO, you can never have enough GLITTER!! yay!!

Supplies: Stamps: Kim Hughes Heartwarmers, Asela Hopkins Christmas
Paper, Prism cardstock, Papertrey Ink white
Accessories, gold rick rack, Martha Stewart gold glitter, MM green glitter, Martha Stewart punch


  1. Hoooray for glitter! :O) I love the way you coloured these with that hit of blue along the snow. TOO hot! Adorable stamps & Gorgeous layouts too. I guess I'd better get started on Christmas cards already. Thanks for the great inspiration! :O)

  2. Very pretty! I love glitter!!

  3. I love these!!! I keep meaning to get over there but I always forget!!! The coloring on these are very nice, I need to get me some Christmas stamps!!!

  4. i LURVE glitter!! haha-these are stunning! such vibrant and festive colours-they look great!

    thanks for the comment you left on my blog.
    btw, i have blog candy there-it ends tomorrow, so hurry hurry hurry :)

  5. Great mix of Christmas clean and modern!

  6. I am a glitter fanatic! Your cards are adorable!

  7. Love these beauties! Happy belated birthday Bonnie! Take care, De

  8. These are just great! I gotta learn to mass produce. I'm so lazy though. LOL

  9. I Love Glitter and anything that shimmers. Your cards are fabulous. You are not alone in skimming and not "reading". I think I am reading, but I get board with repetition and skim parts I think I already know. Then I find I missed something and have to go back!

    Great fix, too! I have found that trying to work around mistakes is the most challenging and fun part of paper crafting, LOL
    Sandy O

  10. Bonnie, these are great! I loooove the glitter! :)


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