3 Oct 2008

An apology.....

I would like to apologize to the lady who left the comment on this post of mine.

The idea of the link was not to offend anyone, but to draw your attention to the fact that voting is important.

Yes, there were a few "blue" words mingled in with the message, and they are not words that I encourage or use, but I was not trying to promote that part of the video.

I just think that having a voice in this world is extremely important and no matter what country you live in, your chance to vote is part of that voice.



  1. Bonnie - I don't think there was anything wrong with you providing a link to that video. Voting is important. Whatever else she saw or got upset about is not the point of your original post. The video was reminding people to REGISTER to vote. I think even your apology is sincere and meaningful! Don't let her message to you get you down!

  2. You are Awesome Bonnie! I applaud your activism in a world where it is way too easy to be a pacifist and be quiet about issues that are important to you. I guess not swearing is very important to that particular reader, so I also applaud your appology. You are amazing! Thank you so much for making us think and keepin' it real! Now everybody go register!!! ;O) BIG Hugs!


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